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A Big Thanks for Your Feedback about our tool and equipment hire

2015 report here

Thanks to every one of our customers, tool hire, access hire or other equipment who completed our recent survey. The results are once again extremely encouraging. They tell us that we’re doing a lot right and we need to continue to deliver the services you really value. Your thoughtful responses do help our constant improvement.

The survey was conducted as part of our on-going efforts to improve the service we offer. This also happens to be one of our ISO 9001 commitments.

The headline statistic from the report is a customer satisfaction score increasing to 89%.  We have also won the “Outstanding Customer Service” award as we are the highest scoring company ever to have carried out this survey. This has lead to us being given an award for “Outstanding Customer Service”.

Insight 100 logoRead more about our customer service award here.

We’ve enjoyed reading your positive comments and have passed on your appreciation to all our staff.  It is great to know you appreciate the effort we put in.

Just a few of your positive comments

You also gave us some constructive comments that will help us re-double our efforts in certain areas.
There are some points we can address straight away. Others that will be sorted very shortly and a few that we need to work on.

Below is the list of customer comments and our responses.

Constructive Comments & our response

Product Range

· A wider range of powered access vehicles (FLT)
· Have stock
· To have more ''pop up'' lifts in stock

It’s always difficult to predict demand in advance and we are keen to always have, or purchase at short notice the stock you need. Unfortunately we can’t get it right all the time. We do react to demand as quickly as possible. Please let us know if there is particular equipment you need.

Pricing / Delivery Charges

· A few Percent cheaper!
· Better prices on the boom/scissor`s equipment.
· Ensure they are competitive on the products and services they offer
· Lower prices.
· Lower pricing on PPE and hire equipment
· Reduce prices
· Cheaper delivery costs
· Remove the delivery charge
· transport cost (could be lower)

We would be surprised if this wasn’t mentioned, cost is always going to be an issue and we’ll do what we can to keep costs down without compromising the levels of service you value. We know you need quality equipment, well serviced, good availability and a wide product range. 

We have noted the additional comments this year on delivery charges. Last year we introduced a tracker system on vehicles with live traffic information and best routing, this has improved our delivery performance to you and some small cost savings.  Unfortunately the savings have only gone someway to offsetting increased costs.  Now you have let us know this is a real issue we will be looking even closer at what can be done.


· Offer a discount % based on the amount spent over the course of the financial year...The more you
spend the more you get back...

We have found most customers prefer the maximum discount upfront. However it is an idea we can look in to.

Customer Service

· keep their promise
Let us know if we ever let you down, see our guarantee
· Make sure that the callout service is always operational.
Noted, we’ll check up on this
· Quicker opening of trading accounts
We have made some improvements over the year, we’ll keep an eye on performance.
· Certificates after course to send quicker I am an account customer and it seem to take a long time
Noted, we’ll check up on this
· could they undertake site surveys to determine the best machines for our needs
Please ask, this is certainly available for some hires
· Reply to online enquiry forms on Astley website
Noted, we’ll check up on this
· To have someone always available to answer our requirements
Our experts may not always be instantly available when you call, let us know if don’t get back to you.
· When delivering item ensure deliverer has knowledge of product.
Our drivers know a fair bit about most products, if you need specialist induction on any machine please ask when you arrange the hire.

We are getting even better with our customer service and have our guarantee which is helping to keep us focused.  There will always be a few occasion when we do fall a little short. Your feedback is crucial so thanks for letting us know.  You don’t have to wait for the annual survey to let us know, as we say:

“Reliable Service Guaranteed - If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, your concerns will be dealt with at the highest level. Contact Stephen Dorricott (Director) on direct line 01942 263451 or email sdorricott@astleyhire.co.uk “


Information / Communication

As that would be specific to yourself, ask your rep if they could put something together
· Email 'On-Hire' / 'Off-Hire' confirmations
· new product information sent on a regular basis
Have we got you on our email list? We do send out info but don’t want to overload your inbox.

You don't have to wait for the next survey!

If there's any comments you would like us to consider at any time please get in touch. It's your feedback that helps us build a better service.

pdfClick here to view a full Summary of our 2013 Customer Survey

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