This Product is currently un-available. A 240v replacement product is available, Please see here

Discontinued - 110v Mains Floor Scrubber / Dryer Hire

Compact floor scrubber and dryer powered by 110v supply, perfect for site work.

mains 110v Walk behind scrubber drier

A really practical, easy to to use 110v Floor Scrubber, it combines scrubbing and drying in a single pass for cost effective hard floor cleaning. This floor scrubber is one that operators will want to use as it is a joy to operate and easy to fill, empty, move, and transport. On site maintenance is also easy so the machine can always operate at maximum productivity.

The motor and transmission is over engineered for high reliability The operating speed is synchronised with the high performance "TwinFlo" vacuum system connected to the floating polyurethane floor suction gatherer. The 30-litre collection capacity is achieved with twin 15-litre dirty water tanks to allow continuous working. The heavy duty 450mm scrubbing head, 400mm with pads, cleans even the toughest of applications and vacuum wiper drys as you go.

Clean Sweep & Scrub to Perfection
It’s recommended to sweep your floors before using a Scrubber Dryer. This means you will have cleaner floors, cause less damage to the floor surface and get more from your Scrubber consumables.

Sweep before Scrubbing because…

  • Loose dust and grit can be spread over areas you have just cleaned.
  • Dust, hair and other debris can clog up scrubber pads making them less effective.
  • Abrasive materials left on the floor wear down consumable brushes faster.
  • When floors are swept first the scrubber vacuum system stays at full suction for longer so you get dryer floors with less service downtime.
  • Sand, Grit and larger object like screws, bolts and swarf will scratch and damage floors during scrubbing.
  • Less debris to pick up means less scrubber collection tank emptying.
  • This dry waste from the sweeper is easier to dispose of than large amounts of wet slurry.

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110v Scrubber Dryer PRODUCT FACTS

  • Compact Floor Scrubber, 30L capacity with the twin dirty water tanks, giving extended working
  • 450mm 18" scrubbing head, 1.5kW motor delivers the power for productive cleaning
  • Floor squeegee / nozzle wipes up so floors are left clean and dry, minimum slip hazards.
  • Great for any hard floored area where compact size and manoeuvrability is an advantage.
  • Brushes and pads available for specific applications.
  • Easy to operate for improve productivity.

110v Powered Scrubber Dryer Technical Specifications

Brush motor power (w) 1500
Vacuum motor power (w) 1200
Power Supply
110v 32A (transformer and leads available)

Diameter (mm) 450
Speed - 50HzL 150rpm
Capacity (l) 30
Weight (kg) 57
Size (mm 1150 × 1030 × 740