ATEX Vacuum Cleaner Hire wet or dry Zone 22 explosive dust

ATEX approved for zone 22 explosive dust areas, this industrial vacuum can be use for wet or dry cleaning.

ATEX Vacuum wet and dry

ATTIX 791-2M/B1 features a 70 l stainless steel container that can be tilted or lifted off the chassis for emptying. Mobility and durability are ensured with the robust steel chassis and large wheels, while operating efficiency is enhanced with the Automatic Start/Stop feature.

With Push&Clean filter cleaning and a convenient 70 litre stainless steel container it offers type 22 capability in a small but highly specified package

ATEX Wet or Dry Vacuum Cleaner Hire  PRODUCT FACTS

  • Approved for work in ATEX Type 22 environments with explosive dust.
  • Industrial performance, robust construction, and loaded with useful features to maximise your efficiency and minimise your costs.
  • Brushless, long life motors for top performance and durability.
  • Automatic Start/Stop for electric tools connected.
  • A full range of ATEX Type 22 Accessories available.

ATEX approved Vacuum Cleaner Technical Specifications

Power supply 110v
Plug type 110v 16A CEE*
Motor power (w) 1200
Airflow (l/sec) 60
Vacuum (mbar) 250
Capacity (l) 70
Weight (kg) 25
Size (mm) 605 ×580 × 970

* Transformer (& extension leads) available to allow connection to a regular 13A socket.