Hot Pressure Washer Hire

Hot pressure washer for hire

The Tempest 1 Auto is a real workhorse of a pressure washer / jet wash. With built in Auto Stop and simple, compact design it provides plenty of power to tackle the dirtiest cleaning task with reliability and ease.

This unit is built to last and gives constant outstanding performance whilst being straight forward and economical to run. Water heating is via a diesel fuled boiler so high flow rates at high temperatures are possible whilst the unit is powered from a 13 amp mains supply.

Note: sometimes this type of unit is reffered to as as "steam pressure washer" or "high pressure steam cleaner" this is tecnically incorrect as the maximum water temperature is regulated to be a maximum 93 degrees centigrade. For a true steam cleaner please see the details here.

Hot Pressure Washer PRODUCT FACTS

  • Industrial performance Hot Pressure Washer
  • Components specified for lasting performance during constant use
  • Diesel fired boiler
  • Built in Auto Stop for efficient usage
  • 9 m hose and lance included, additional hose on request

Hot Pressure Washer Hire Additional Information

product information pdfFull specifications and operator instruction. See the product PDF for full details.



Hot Pressure Washer / jet wash Technical specifications

Sound Power Level 80dB (a)
Pressure  1500 PSI
Nozzle Size 25045
Water Flow (at full pressure) 11 Litres per minute
Power Plug 240v (16A CEE*)
Motor (output) 2.2KW
Motor & pump speed 1450rpm
Current (FLC) 12.5 Amps
Weight (dry) 105 Kgs
Water outlet temperature 82c – 93c
L x W x H (max) 990 x 575 x 675mm

* Adapter with RCD (& extension leads) available to allow connection to a regular 13A socket.