Small Scrubber Dryer, Cordless battery powered - Scrubmaster B3

A practical, easy-to-transport scrubber-drier designed to clean smaller floor spaces and hard to reach areas.

Cordless Scrubber Dryer


The Scrubmaster B3 is a compact, twin brush scrubber dryer. The compact design provides high flexibility and a good view of the floors pace to be cleaned, even when working in narrow and cramped areas.

The on-board charger plugs directly in to the mains allowing charging wherever is convenient. In "Eco" mode the B3 makes efficient use of the cleaning fluid to allow 100 square meters of floor cleaning before a refill. The disc brushes protrude to both sides enabling close to wall and obstacle working. For storage and transport the light-weight design and collapsible tie bar saves storage space and make the machine easy to transport, it even fits in to the boot of your car.



  • Effective scrubbing and drying
  • No external power source required – So no trailing leads causing a tripping hazard.
  • Close to edge power cleaning.
  • Nimble in use to get in to awkward spaces
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage.
  • 3 litre solution tank and 5 litre recovery tank make it perfect for cleaning spills.
  • Up to one hour run time on one charge.

ECOGUM product leaflet

product information SCubmaster B3For more information. See the product PDF for more details.



Scrubmaster B3 Technical Specifications

Brush speed (rpm) 140 - 210
Working width (mm) 410
Brush size (mm) 2 x 210
Solution tank (L) 3
Recovery tank (L) 5
Battery capacity (Ah) 13
Estimated run time (hr) 1
Performance approx. (m2/hr) 38

scrubmaster b3 in action