Vacuum Cleaner Backpack - Cordless Cleaning

Hire a vacuum cleaner backpack - faster cleaning, cordless 18v, the ultimate in power and portability.

Backpack vacuum cleaner Makita DVC260Z


Hire a backpack vacuum cleaner to speed up the cleaning in any space where fast turnaround, lack of mains power and public access might cause problems. Without the burden of free standing units, trailing cables, plugging in and unplugging, cleaning staff can get the job done with minimum disruption.

Get into all the nooks and crannies easily, clean stairs, upholstery, under furniture as well as floors and carpets with a single machine in one fast sweep.

Makita’s experience of vacuum technology is coupled with their Lithium-Ion battery platform and brushless motor to deliver unrivaled cleaning performance and battery life. The 5.0Ah batteries give up to 1hrs cleaning at full power before requiring a 45 minute rapid recharging.

Weighing just 4.3kg the self contained vacuum is carried securely with a full brace harness, adjustable padded waist and shoulder straps giving comfortable working. A lightweight 28mm, flexible suction hose connects to an adjustable, telescopic straight pipe fitted with at a flexible rubber nozzle ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces. The control panel is even fitted with an LED work light so operators can see how well it is cleaning even in the darkest corners.


Backpack Vacuum Cleaner PRODUCT FACTS

  • Power from twin 18V Li-ion batteries connected in series.
  • 36v Brushless motor.
  • ON /OFF and select High or Low power using the easy to reach wired controller.
  • LED job light on the controller
  • Flexible and lightweight 28mm diameter hose
  • Low weight with comfortable, padded, backpack harness
  • HEPA filter with high capacity gives free flowing, clean exhaust air.
  • Straight accessory pipe with telescopic adjustment, 500-850mm.
  • Flexible rubber nozzle cleaning head for improved cleaning of uneven surfaces.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Manual

product information pdf Backpack vacuum cleaner Makita DVC260ZFor more information. See the product PDF / User Manual for full details.

Vacuum Cleaner Backpack Technical Specifications

Run time low / high 90 /60 mins
Battery 2 x 5 Ah 18v
Max. air flow 1.5 m³/min
Max. suction 7.1 kPa
Sound pressure level 70 dB(A)L
Low vibration 2.5m/sec²
Weight 4.3 kG