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Help choosing / aircon v evaporative

Help Choosing the Right Cooling or Air Conditioning Unit

To choose the right cooler or Air conditioner from the wide range available, we need you to answer a few simple questions. More detailed information is also available in our how they work guide to air conditioning units and evaporative coolers.

Which of the following statements describes the space you need to cool? Please click on the appropriate statement.

Air Conditioner v Evaporative Cooler - How they work

Air conditioning

Suitable where the room is enclosed, where doors and windows are not left open. Must be able to duct the warm air out through an opening, i.e. window, false ceiling, drilled hole.

Mobile air conditioners work on the principle of refrigerated heat exchange, physically removing the heat from the air and exhausting away through a flexible hose (a mono block) or through a condensor (a split) which is positioned outside.

Air-to-air (mono block) can be discharged to the condensor outside, through a window or hole in the wall.

Split air (separate condensor) - discharged to the condensor outside, through a window or hole in the wall.

Spot cooler (industrial mono block) - when the heat in the room is too great for the air conditioner then it acts as a comfort cooler or spot cooler. The heat is exhausted away using flexible pipe. The cold air can be directed onto the area by the use of flexible hoses. Industrial units are used for cooling down machines and production lines.

Evaporative coolers

Suitable where office or area is open plan. Likes open doors and windows. Needs fresh air to work best, with its back to an opening. Can be positioned in the middle of an area, without need for ducting. Does need daily maintenance, including filling up with water.

Evaporative cooling machines operate by the simple method of drawing a large volume or air through a water-saturated membrane. The resultant latent heat exchange produces a beneficial temperature fall of up to 15°C in dry air conditions. It is worth remembering though, that evaporative coolers are not suitable for use in humidity-controlled environments.

Doors and windows should be kept open as they require fresh air to work best. They do not need an exhaust point so can be positioned anywhere. They are beneficial to asthma and allergy sufferers as they maintain a healthy level of humidity. Evaporative coolers do this by reducing air born germs and odours.


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