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Portable, Temporary Air Con, Air Conditioning, Air Coolers and Fans for hire / rental around Manchester and the NW

Portable and Temporary Air Conditioners and Air Coolers hire from a company with "HEA Safe Hire" and "CHAS" status. There are no higher standards for AirCon, Air Cooler and Fan hire giving you the assurance that rental from Astley Hire is the right choice for reliability and service. Our Cooling experts are on hand to make sure you get the right, high specification, reliable equipment delivered on time so you can get on with the job.

help choosing, selection the right portable cooler hire / cooling or portable air conditioner hire / conditioning hire

What is the difference between Evaporative Air Cooling and Air Conditioning ?

How do Evaporative Air Coolers work? How do portable Air Conditioners work?

Cooler Hire Range

We've split our range in to the 3 popular categories so you can easily compare the units you need. See below for full details including pre-discount hire rates / prices / rental cost. Any problems choosing just get in touch. 


evaporative air cooler rental(EVAP) Evaporative Cooler Hire / Rental

The NW’s largest independent provider of Evaporative Air Cooler Hire. We are a specialist provider of evaporative coolers, for commercial industrial and leisure applications.
Evaporative cooling units provide a cost effective solution for cooling large areas and at the same time are ecologically attractive as they uses very little energy and contain no greenhouse gases or carbon products.

Click through from the table for full details of the evaporative air cooler rental for your next job.

Table Key:
Area - Approx. cooling area. 2 or more units can be used for larger areas. (see help choosing)
Flow - Max. amount of cooled air emmited per hour

Rate - Hire rate /price per week before the substantial account discounts (pounds)

evaporative air cooler to hire as an alternative to Air conditioning for offices, waiting rooms etc. 43m² 1410m³/h 116.50 Honeywell CO301PC Evaporative Air Cooler
A rugged and water resistant evaporative cooler making it perfect for outdoors as well as in. Many advanced features including a remote control make this a popular choice for keeping customers or guests in a comfortable environment.
medium size evaporative air cooler rental for cheap alternative to air conditioners 57m² 1800m³/hr 74.50 Honeywell CL48PM Evaporative Air Cooler
Taking the cost advantage of an Evaporative Air Cooler over and air conditioner to a new level. The CO301PC gives vast cooling capabilities at an incredibly low hire cost and running cost.
Air Cooler evaporative typr great for cooling large open spaces 80m² 2610m³/h 88.50 Honeywell CL60PM Evaporative Air Cooler
With three speeds, oscillating louvers, using the large capacity tank or a mains water connection the CL60PM is a high spec cooler. There is no reason why anyone has to get hot and bothered with this high output, low cost cooler
Large industrial evaporative air cooler for commercial and event cooling 100m² 4700m³/h 290.00 Breeze Air Cooler
The Breeze Air / Way Cool is our largest evaporative cooling machine each covers a cooling area of 100 m2, plenty for factories, warehouses, greenhouses, shops and show rooms, offices, sports venues, entertainment venues & events. For larger areas, two or more units can be used.


aircon rental

Air Conditioner /Air Con Hire and Rental

Keep cool this summer and stay productive with Astley Hire we have a range of portable air conditioner units for hire for your office, shop, factorie, waiting room. To choose which ones suits the size of your space check out our selection.

Click through from the table for full details and discounts for your air conditioner, air con hire.

Table Key:
Area - Approx. cooling area. 2 or more units can be used for larger areas. (see help choosing)
Flow - Cooling power

Rate - Hire rate /price per week before the substantial account discounts (pounds)

Portable air conditioner hire for office, waiting room and enclosed spaces 35m² 3.5kW 116.50 KYD32 portable air con hire
Portable air conditioning hire units with 12,000BTU 3.5kw for cooling offices, computer rooms and areas up to 35 sq ms. Comes complete with exhaust vent and hose.
industrial air conditioner rental hire for area or spot cooling can be ducted 74m² 7.3kW 261.50 CoolMobile air conditioning hire
Portabale Spot or area Air Conditioning Hire units with 25,000 btu , 7.3kw of cooling makes it ideal for commercial and industrial use, production areas, server rooms etc. Cools rooms upto 70 sq ms.
LArge industrial / commercial air conditioner hire cooling for large areas 101m² 10kW 540.00 Enviromax portable air conditioning hire
Semi-portable Spot cooler, Air Conditioning, Heater and dehumidifier hire unit with 35,000 btu , 10 kw of cooling or heating makes it ideal for industrial use on production lines, server rooms, building and event HVAC, emergencies and disaster recovery. Cools rooms upto 101 sq ms.


industrial cooling fan rental

Industrial Cooling Fan Hire

In larger open spaces, a cooling fan may be more suited to your requirements. Astley Hire industrial cooling fans work by circulating air in large, open areas that would be normally too large to air condition effectively. 
Astley Hire stock a range of fans suitable for both office and warehouse environments.

Click through from the table for full details of the industrial cooling fans for your space.

Table Key:
Area - Approx. cooling area. 2 or more units can be used for larger areas. (see help choosing)
Flow - Max. amount of cooling air circulated per hour

Rate - Hire rate /price per week before the substantial account discounts (pounds)

Hire a cooling fan for a cooling breeze in your office, workshop 22m² 3400m³/h 73.00 Rapid cooling fan hire
Suitable for small workshops, shops or showrooms. Variable speed allows control over airflow.
poIndustrial cooling fan rental to move large amounts of air 46m² 7000m³/h 73.00 Porta Air cooling fan hire
Suitable for medium sized workshops. Lightweight and robust. Can be stacked for minimal storage space. Air can be ducted via hose. Can be used for fume extraction.
Heavy duty industrial cooling fan hire available 56m² 8500m³/h 73.00 Rapid Air 500 / Air Jammer 500 cooling fan hire
Suitable for large workshops. Fully portable and stylish. Can be used in showrooms and marquees.
Variable speed industrial cooling fan for hire for factory and warehouse cooling 62m² 9100m³/h 73.00 Rhino Air Raid 500 Industrial Cooling Fan hire
High output for large worshops, warehouses, events. Variable speed for flexibility. Robust and atractive design and fully portable
Very large and powerful cooling fan hire moves air around large spaces fast 66m² 1000m³/h 73.00 Blue Max 650 cooling fan hire
Suitable for medium sized warehouses and large showrooms. Variable speed allows for maximum flexibility. Robust design and fully portable.
LArge industrial cooling fan hire for demanding commercial applications 246m² 37000m³/h 203.00 Blue Max 950 cooling fan hire
Suitable for very large warehouses. Massive air movement, variable speed, robust, large rubber wheels.



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