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Industrial and Commercial Cooling Hire Information

About Astley Hire Cooling Division

Astley hire cooling equipment stores air conditioning on rackingAstley Hire is an independent hire specialist with a track record of excellence going back to 1966. The Cooling Division provides the equipment and expertise for the cost effective hire of a wide range of cooling options. The team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service with modern high specification units, rigorous maintenance schedules, guaranteed deliveries and fast response times. Read more about Astley Hire here.

cherry picker, scissolift depot nr manchesterCentral Northwest Depot nr. Manchester

The Cooling Depot is conveniently located to offer a fast service across the Northwest of England.

Astley Hire Ltd.
Lloyds Court
Jury Street

Opening Hours

The Astley Hire depot is open from 7.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 12 noon on Saturdays. Any messages left out of hours will be handled with urgency the next working day. By special arrangement we are happy to work outside our normal hours.

Contact Astley Hire Cooling

Telephone - Call the Cooling team now on 01942 608822, press 2 or 606 to ring all our phones or follow the prompts.

Fax - Fax the Hire Cooling team now on 01942 675060.

Email - Email the Hire Cooling team now at cooling@astleyhire.co.uk 

You can call or email our team members direct, please see the direct contacts page.

AStley hire access expert staff

Guaranteed - Service , Reliability & Quality

The ethos at Astley Hire is all about providing an excellent service that customers really value. Being an independent business we can focus on long term customer satisfaction rather than meeting short term targets. The guarantee sets out the extra benefits our customers value.

guaranteed hire service levelsService Benefit: Making your working life easier, any problems solved. A trusted team of people working on your side. - read more

Reliability Benefit: Quite simply we won’t let you down or cause you problems. Hiring our level of reliability will save you time and money. - read more

Quality Benefit: Hire in this Quality to help you win more business and meet your targets. - read more

Accreditations for hire equipment

Many of our standards are externally assessed, monitored and accredited. As well as helping to maintain standards it keeps us fully up to date with the latest, working practices, legislation and training. - read more about our accreditations

Astley Hire Account

Before hiring your cooling equipment we will set up an account.

All the prices listed will be subject to discounts when you have opened an account. The cost of Cooling Hirel can be significantly lower than the hire prices listed. Call us to find out what discounts will apply to your account.

The PDF on the Account application page gives full the terms and conditions.

See how easy it is to open a trade account for scissor lift, cherry picker and scaffold tower, ladder hire

Delivery of Cooling Equipment

cooling units delivery vanMost deliveries and collections will be made by one of our fleet of vehicles and trained drivers.The vehicles are computer tracked and routed so we can pin down delivery windows to match your schedules.


HACCP cherry pickers and scissor lifts for food hygineHACCP registered

Astley Hire is the only Hire Company accredited to work to HACCP Food Safety management standards. Read more about HACCP standard hire.




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