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Alternatives to rotary drum floor planers - information only

We hire out rotary floor planers that use a flailing drum that can be used for aggressive concrete surface removal and texturing. These are products that suit our customer base, these are know as floor planers, floor scabblers or floor scalers.


You might have been looking for the pneumatic alternatives so here is just a little bit about them as complimentary information.

Pneumatic Floor Scabblers have a series of pistons fitted with tungsten carbide tipped heads. The tips will have either a cross of tungsten or an arrangement of small conical points. The pistons hammer down at a high frequency (1000 blows plus per minute). This fast hammering action fractures the surface and breaks away largish particles along with a lot of crushed up dust.

Typically these machines have between 5 and 11 heads/pistons. The number of heads, the configuration of tips, the machine weight, pneumatic power and the operator determine the results.

They require a large site compressor to run them. Dust needs extracting and the larger particles need sweeping. Because of the back and forth motion required to work the area evenly, the scabbler will spend some of its power crushing the debris it has made.

Operator skill. In the right hands they can be a very productive tool. It's down to the operator to judge how much he/she is taking off and how to control the machine's movement and pressure to work efficiently.

Hand arm vibration. The operator won't be using it for many hours in the day or he will be in breach of health and safety guidance. Although less productive, higher frequency machines with lower hand arm vibration are available this is a factor to consider when estimating daily productivity.


To give an idea of how they work and the results they give here are a few videos.


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