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Acro Prop Hire


Acro props

Rate per week (ex.VAT) before discount*:

Acro Prop size 1- Code: BA1 - £6.00

Acro Prop size 2- Code: BA2 - £6.00

Acro Prop size 3- Code: BA3 - £6.00

Acro Prop size 4- Code: BA4 - £6.00

Wall Prop - Code: BA9 - £10.00

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Acro Prop Hire Applications

  • Rugged adjustable supports for supporting walls and ceiling during construction.

Wall Prop Hire Applications

Wall Prop

  • Supports spans of up to 3m
  • Use with acros when making openings in walls.


Type Size 1
Height closed (m) 1.8
Height open (m) 3.0
SWL (kg) 1500
Type Size 2
Height closed (m) 2.0
Height open (m) 3.3
SWL (kg) 1200
Type Size 3
Height closed (m) 2.6
Height open (m) 3.9
SWL (kg) 1000
Type Size 4
Height closed (m) 3.2
Height open (m) 4.9
SWL (kg) 700


NW, Manchester and U.K. availability

Hire is available across the NW North West including: Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Hire covering the areas around Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Leigh, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn to Chester, Stockport, Salford, St. Helens, Wilmslow, Warrington, Wigan, Trafford, Glossop and Buxton. Postcodes: M, OL, SK, WA, BL, WN, PR, CW, CH & L.

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