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CAT3+ Hire, Radiodection Cable & Pipe Avoidance dector & generator

The CAT3 and Genny from Radiodection is the industry standard pipe and cable avoidance tool, recognized as the leader by providing performance, ruggedness and reliability. On it's own the CAT3+ detector can be used to locate live cables or metallic pipes where natural electro magnetic signals are radiated. The Genny can be used to apply distinctive signals for the detector to locate with greater ease and precision.

Concrete mixer / Cement mixer

Rate per week (ex.VAT) before discount*:

CAT3 Scanner - Code: CD030 - £90.50

CAT3 Signal Genny - Code: CD040 - £61.00

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CAT3+ Detector hire for Pipe and Cable Avoidance

NOTE THE + ADVANTAGE. The CAT3+ (PLUS) is the top of the range so you will benefit from the most advanced features. The most of important of which is StrikeAlert™. Although regulations and guidelines insist power cables are buried below a certain depth, you can't rely on what others have done in the past, a common cause of cable strike is shallow cables. The strikeAlert™ feature alerts the user to power cables near the surface by flashing the ALERT icon on the display.

The Avoidance Scan feature allows the user to sweep an area for Power, radio and Genny signals all at the same time. The full use of all three modes simultaneously speeds up pre-excavation survey times therefore reducing costs and improving safety.

Fast response is essential for easy and accurate location. The CAT3+ process information then displays and sounds it almost instantly. Improved precision pinpointing together with a smoothness of operation makes for quicker sweeps.

The advanced signal processing gives the CAT3+ the ability to reject almost all bogus signals. The CAT3+ detector is ideal for use in environments such as congested sites and sites with overhead cables.

CAT3 Genny Signal Generator

The CAT3 Genny (Signal Generator) can apply a single tone or pulsed signal to pipes and cables giving a distinctive trace for the detector. The signal can be applied via a direct connection or indirect induction.

Pulse or Continuous switch on genny allows the selection of the setting for the operators individual preference and to optimise battery saving. ‘Real Sound’ means the sound you hear is derived from the signal radiating from the cable or pipe. With very little experience this very important feature helps the user distinguish the signal from random background noise.

PDF download CAT3 operation GuideView the CAT3 Cable avoidance detector hire operator guide


NW, Manchester and U.K. availability

Hire is available across the NW North West including: Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Hire covering the areas around Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Leigh, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn to Chester, Stockport, Salford, St. Helens, Wilmslow, Warrington, Wigan, Trafford, Glossop and Buxton. Postcodes: M, OL, SK, WA, BL, WN, PR, CW, CH & L.


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