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Centrifugal Pump Hire

Largest is a self priming centrifugal pump, powered by a compact and powerful 4 stroke, genuine Honda, petrol engine.

Submersible Pump Hire

The submersible pumps are extremely robust, compact contractor pumps, that have a 50mm / 2" outlet and a tough pressed steel strainer base and body.

Residual Drainage Pump Hire

The Tsurumi pump was the original "puddle sucker" or "puddle pump". It is able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large or small areas of nuisance water found on flat surfaces. For improved durability, during robust handling, it has a pressed steel outer casing and a cast aluminium pump stand to offer increased protection of the steel and rubber base plate.

water pumps

Rate per week (ex.VAT) before discount*:

Centrifugal Pump - Code: BP3 - £79.50

Submersible Pump - Code: BW7 - £76.00

Residual Drainage Pump - Code: BW4 - £79.00

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Centrifugal Pump Hire Features

  • Aluminium body, volute and impeller, which ensure that it is light.
  • Truly portable and easy to store, particularly in vans.
  • It is fitted to a sturdy base plate, with rubber feet to minimize vibration.
  • For reliability, the pump is fitted with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal.
  • It has high head capabilities and gives a good flow of water.
  • Its neat size and performance makes it popular for irrigation, flooded man hole/inspection pit drainage, washing down and general pumping.

Submersible Pump Hire Features

  • They offer excellent durability during periods of continuous use and/or operator abuse.
  • A combination of a rubber pump chamber and a urethane vortex impeller provides excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability.
  • Models use a stainless steel shaft that is fitted with an ultra hardwearing, silicon carbide, double mechanical seal, (in an oil chamber), with an oil lifter to maintain seal lubrication during operation in any position.
  • This feature, combined with the water and air cooling route to the top outlet, allows the pump to operate for extended periods with little or no water.
  • Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty, rubber power cable.
  • Supplied with 15ms hose.

Residual Drainage Pump Hire Features

  • Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable.
  • Supplied with 15ms hose.

Pump Specifications

Model Centrifugal
Size (mm) 50
Power Petrol
Output (ltrs/min.) 600
Max. head (m) 27
Weight (kg) 21
Model Submersible
Size (mm) 50
Power 110v
Output (ltrs/min.) 225
Max. head (m) 11
Weight (kg) 11
Model Residual
Size (mm) 25
Power 110v
Output (ltrs/min.) 170
Max. head (m) 11
Weight (kg) 12


NW, Manchester and U.K. availability

Hire is available across the NW North West including: Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Hire covering the areas around Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Leigh, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn to Chester, Stockport, Salford, St. Helens, Wilmslow, Warrington, Wigan, Trafford, Glossop and Buxton. Postcodes: M, OL, SK, WA, BL, WN, PR, CW, CH & L.

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